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“I have known Lisa Capa for the past two years as a teacher and coach in the Leadership and Personal Development class at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. As an MBA candidate in sustainable business, Lisa’s coaching has taught me so many things about myself. She has shown me the power of attention, to be curious about what’s really happening right now—especially in the midst of an emotionally-charged situation. She has shown me how I am much more than my small self—or ego and how I can go forth in the world with my whole sense of self. It is from this larger place that I will find my true career calling—work that requires effortless effort. I appreciate the time, attention, care, and guidance Lisa has given me in these past two years. I will carry her wisdom with me.”    Cheryl K.

“Lisa’s attention coaching opens up new capacities.  Through her wisdom, insight and deep seeing she has gifted me an opportunity to explore additional dimensions of being.  This has dramatically increased my effectiveness in working with multiple and tensioned viewpoints, my ability to deeply witness and understand others, and my compassion for self.  The tools she teaches are the building blocks for the skills we need to catalyze our collective evolutionary journey as sentient beings.”    Rachel E.

“Lisa has helped me realize a place inside myself I’ve known for years existed but have until now been unable to regularly access. Over the past six months I have gained a better understanding of how to control my attention through deep listening and observation. No one has taught me more about coaching, mentoring and leadership than Lisa. The tools I have attained and skills I have honed will be with me for the rest of my life. I will always be grateful to Lisa for her guidance. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” Dean B.

“After more than 20 years of on-again off-again psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and various counseling, working with Lisa for the past year has been the most effective and enlightening process for personal development I have ever engaged in. It has been a true gift working with Lisa. Her approach is unique and individual. In addition to being a very talented professional, Lisa brings herself fully to the process. Attention training provides the tools for finding your path to Be Here Now. Thank you, Lisa.” John B.

“Conversations with Lisa have changed my life. Over the time I have known her I have seen my attention change from tight and entangled to relaxed, smooth, and freely moving. I most appreciate Lisa’s ability to look well below my surface issues to pay attention to me in a perceptive, relaxed, and unattached way that makes me feel fully seen and heard. She offers problem-solving only sparingly and more often calls me to a deeper creativity that shifts my “problems” in unexpected and genuinely helpful ways. Talking with Lisa has become a sort of spiritual practice for me—it reminds me of and moves me closer to Spirit. Lisa is a remarkable person with powerful skills and one of my most valued guides.” Dave S.

“Lisa has warmly and gracefully guided me in refining my awareness and shared many tools to further develop my consciousness. Her book and resource recommendations have substantially impacted the quality of my relationship with my wife in profoundly positive ways. I would recommend Lisa to anyone on a conscious path who is looking to refine their understanding of the subtle world while being firmly rooted in the daily aspects of life.” Justin T.

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Attention is a Precious Resource

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