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About Me Lisa Capa |

About Me

Lisa Capa MBA, PhD

Educator, Leadership Coach and Researcher: I inspire others to be grounded, centered and aware in order to discover and make meaning.

My background combines a working knowledge of the business world and the skills for leading a very functional life with a unique knowledge of attention and an immersion in creativity. These life experiences infuse my one-on-one attention coaching practice with passion and power.

I entered into the business world in 1983 while still a student at the University of Washington, landing an internship at IBM. For the next fourteen years I ascended the career ladder in the computer industry. Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics in 1984, I accepted an offer to work as a staff consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), the largest management and technical consulting company in the world. During the four years I worked throughout the U.S. on various software development projects, I was successful and enjoyed the challenges that each new assignment offered.

While working on a project in Chicago, a college friend called and asked if I would interview for an opening at Microsoft. I was hired as the product manager for Xenix (a Unix-based operating system). After a year at Microsoft I moved to Denver to be with my fiancé. For two years I worked as an independent contractor on a $250M (1990 $’s) software development project. When we returned to Seattle, I had no difficulty obtaining employment in the expanding computer industry.

My last conventional job was at the University of Washington Medical Centers. As the Project Manager in the Information Systems department I led a four year project to design and implement a new patient registration system. While managing a budget of $4M (1994 $’s), I supervised twelve technical staff, coordinated a large number of end users throughout University of Washington Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center, and communicated with executives in both hospitals. After overseeing the installation of the system into both hospitals and training over one hundred users, I was ready for a significant change in direction and focus.

I left UWMC in 1997 and spent the next seven years exploring the areas of life I had ignored. One of my careers during this time included devoting myself full-time to a creative life as a visual artist. For three years I combined my artistic ability and business skills and sold my work at craft fairs, Seattle area stores, and on the internet. More importantly, I discovered the magic of being with and parenting my son, and I found a freedom that emerged through paying deep attention to my inner world. This inner path of exploration took a turn in January 1999, when I met the mentors who trained me in presence and awareness for over a decade.

In addition to working with my mentors, I completed the MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) in Spring 2006. Upon completion of this program, I thought I would re-enter the business world, but my passion led me in another direction. From my unique combination of experience and knowledge in the business world, focused attention on my inner world (with a resultant highly functional life), intense training with my mentors, teaching on the topic of attention, immersion in creative activity, and involvement in sustainable business as a student and teacher in BGI, I have fashioned an unprecedented contribution: I coach students and business people to help them harness the single most powerful tool with which they can bring about change – their attention.

In addition to my coaching practice, I am a faculty member at BGI @ Pinchot University, teaching Leadership and Personal Development. My area of doctoral research was on the topic of attention; more specifically, the cultivation of attention as a leadership skill.

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