Global Presencing Forum

October 29, 2011

Last week I asked you to consider an evolved form of attention metaphorically as a sunbeam on water. It is flexible – it can bend and even break up but still retain its light. It is fluid – the light appears to move in a fluid, flowing manner when water becomes its medium. Fluid and flexible attention – flowing into the moment, bending here and there to discover what is possible.

I repeat this again here because this week I attended the first Global Presencing Forum in Boston hosted by Otto Scharmer (from MIT) and the Presencing Institute. Attention plays a significant role in Scharmer’s social presencing technology called the U process (see figure below). And the more evolved the attention, the better.

The U Process

The U Process

In Scharmer’s opening speech, he said this work begins with attention. It is about paying attention to the moment, wondering what is really happening, sensing and discovering what wants to emerge. Cultivating one’s attention to a more evolved capacity will allow one to powerfully co-sense, co-presence, and co-create sustainability initiatives.

At the conference, global practitioners of the U process and Senge’s 5th Discipline shared their co-sensing, co-presencing and co-creating sustainability stories from the field. This included Eileen Fisher who founded Eileen Fisher, Inc. 25 years ago in New York City; Alexander Schwedeler, Managing Director of Triodos Bank in Frankfurt, Germany; Marcelo Cardoso, Senior VP of Organizational Development & Sustainability of Natura Cosmeticos; and Michelle Long, Executive Director of Business Alliance for Local Living Economics.

I feel honored to be part of the presencing community, and to be adding my work on attention to the efforts of those leaders who seek more creative and innovative business solutions and practices.

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