Leadership, Attention and Change

Leadership requires us to deploy our attention in flexible and fluid ways to create change in a complex business world. When our attention becomes trapped, it limits our ability to see how to create change and to be present to what wants to emerge. These attention traps create a narrow filter through which we experience the world and, as a result, can keep us repeating patterns in life that don’t really move us and/or our business initiatives forward.

How each person pays attention is different. Unraveling the unhelpful lessons we have learned about attention in the past takes time, but rewards that investment many times over.

What is Attention?

Attention is a specialized subtle energy of your awareness. Paying attention to your attention is the first step to understanding it. Continue...

Attention Traps

Our attention is a gift that changes those who receive it. The quality of this gift is often diminished by the unconscious ways we pay attention—these are attention traps. Continue...

Attention is a Precious Resource

What you choose to pay attention to matters, because you only have so much. What will you do with your precious, limited resource?